While in or around the lake city of Nainital please find time to visit ZAIKA Aap Ki Dukan , Avkash ,Laveshal(Dob) Bhowali – 263132. Phone No. 05942-247890 and Mob: 9761266850, situated on Bhowali-Bhimtal state highway, near The Pine Crest Hotel, 3.5 km from Bhowali and 6.5 km from Bhimtal on the reverse direction.

Aap Ki Dukan is a small outlet selling ZAIKA brand home-processed hundred percent natural and chemical free health care and food products processed from handpicked top quality ingredients processed in hygienic, sunny, pollution free atmosphere, manually with kitchen scale equipment.

Mrs. Usha Jain the proprietor is a Delhi born and educated lady, after enjoying a very active life at Delhi retired to this heavenly land in 1992 and a decade later conceived and created this unit with the aim to provide employment to local women folk, to train and motivate the local women for self-employment and lastly but most importantly to gainfully spend her own time. She was all along helped by her husband Mr. R.C. Jain who had vast experience and exposure of hand /home processing and marketing.

Whatever knowledge and training the duo gained at home from Nani and Dadi proved handy and useful. The duo had no formal training or education in this field.

Over 150 items are on display covering a wide range of spices herbal products, natural tea and filter coffee, pickles , syrups, fruits and jams and chutneys , badian and pappads, home grinded besan /channa/makka/Madua and bajra attas and special formulations like Chai Masala , instant Pudina Chutney, instant Kumaon Chutney, Adrak and Mulatthi Honey mix , jamun and apple vinegars, honey and so on.

Please visit us and pick gifts for your near and dear ones back at home . Indian Spices provide taste , color and flavor to your cooking, if processed & used with care these have great medicinal values and are good for your health. Our specials are Garam Masala , Meat Masala ,Channa Masala , Chat Masala , dry Tava Subji Masala hand picking fresh and healthy.

Quality is ensured starting from raw material and ending with manual processing. The unit being run as a non-commercial venture the prices are very competitive for the unique ,authentic  and natural product which is hard to find in big branded similar products anywhere at the over flooded market.

We are sure you will find your visit most rewarding and satisfying and will introduce others for a similar visit.